Commit 13cd2e07 authored by Christian Meyer's avatar Christian Meyer
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projects can set the desired launcher version

    via property 'launcher dependency'

    uses project property 'launcherDependency'
        when adding dependency on launcher library
        if property is not found, latest version is used
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......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ import org.gradle.api.file.DuplicatesStrategy
* folder. It also adds start scripts for the launcher.
public class ZmtLaunchPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
public static final def LAUNCHER_DEPENDENCY_PROPERTY_NAME = 'launcherDependency'
private static final def MAIN_CLASS_NAME = 'de.zmt.Main'
private static final def CONFIGURE = {
......@@ -61,8 +63,15 @@ public class ZmtLaunchPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
// the launcher project is not present
else {
// add launcher dependency and make it an application
project.dependencies {
runtime 'de.zmt:zmt-launcher:latest.release'
afterEvaluate {
def launcherDependency =
// if not set by project, use latest
if (launcherDependency == null) {
launcherDependency = 'de.zmt:zmt-launcher:latest.release'
project.dependencies {
runtime launcherDependency
configure(project, MAKE_APPLICATION)
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