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Browse files adds README file to distribution

    updated test
added README, CreateReadme.groovy
parent cf5b1912
......@@ -22,8 +22,13 @@ public class ZmtSimulationPlugin implements Plugin<Project> {
description = 'Creates a CHANGES file from git tags.'
task('createReadmeFile', type: CreateReadme) {
description = 'Creates the README file.'
distributions.main.contents {
from (project.createChangesFile)
from (project.createReadmeFile)
package de.zmt.gradle.task;
import org.gradle.api.*;
import org.gradle.api.tasks.*;
public class CreateReadme extends DefaultTask {
File outputFile = project.file("$project.buildDir/tmp/README")
public void createReadmeFile() {
Simulations developed in ZMT's department of Theoretical Ecology & Modelling.
Contents of distribution:
Start scripts
Libraries of simulations and those which they depend on.
this file
shortcut for running the launcher with the simulation in GUI-mode
Run './bin/launcher --help' to see available options.
Scripts come in Windows and Unix variants. Those for windows end with '.bat'.
Keep in mind that the working directory will be your current directory. Parameters and resources are loaded relative to that.
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ class ZmtSimulationPluginTest {
assertTrue(createChangesFile instanceof CreateChanges)
assertTrue(createReadmeFile instanceof CreateReadme)
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