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    projects can set properties that allow deploying / publishing on public server · a7dd3cf8
    Christian Meyer authored
        changed dependency of gradle-ssh-plugin to 2
    added DeployDochost.groovy
        task that contains deploy workings
            formerly in ZmtJavadocPlugin, ZmtDeployPlugin
        contains determineCredentials formerly in ZmtDochostPlugin
        added properties deployPublic, publishPublic
            to allow deploying / publishing to public dochost
        added property sshDryRun
        moved determineCredentials workings to DeployDochost
        no longer allows any hosts in ssh
        creates remote for public dochost
    ZmtDeployPlugin, ZmtJavadocPlugin.groovy
        uses DeployDochost task
        deploys to public dochost if deployPublic property is set
        deploys to public dochost if publishPublic property is set
    ZmtLibraryPlugin, ZmtSimulationPlugin.groovy
        moved applying ZmtJavadocPlugin after ZmtDochostPlugin
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